midi delay compensation. how ?


Normally when i use midi hardware, nuendo plays them and i keep them live until i’m sure i want to record them.
Once all the record is done i mix. Sounds simple and basic i guess/
because synths are live and direct monitoring from my RME the are synced.
But for this track i need more effects on the synths. so i want to set tracks for the synths already and monitor them through nuendo.
problem is i need to set -20ms delay in all midi tracks to get back in sync.
isn’t there a better way somewhere else to set that ? because once recorded i’ll have to move all my audio by 60ms.
once i started using the “external intrument” feature but i gave up i don’t remember why… seemed a bit rigid if you use a patchbay and move your instruments inputs here and there.

i guess with the render in place option i can now give it another shot.
that was the thing missing for me previously i would end up creating audio tracks to record my extrernat instrument and in the end was easier not to use the feature and just create a midi track.

although not sure it’s working if you have multiple synths on same midi port (?)
in the video he uses different midi ports (or usb) for each instrument.