MIDI Delay from Controller to Kontakt

All of a sudden, I’m experiencing MIDI delay when playing drums (Mixosaurus in Kontakt) from my keyboard or pad controller. Playback is fine, but when I strike a key, there’s a hefty delay of maybe 250ms. I don’t know when it started but just now noticed it.

Now, here’s the weird thing: All of my projects that employ Mixosaurus now exhibit this problem. Furthermore, when I load my favorite Mixosaurus setups from a Track Archive into a new or old project, they too exhibit the problem. But if I create a new Kontakt instrument track from scratch and load up a Mixosaurus library, it works just fine, even in a project with another instance of Mixosaurus that is lagging. [?!]

Other Kontakt instruments do not exhibit this problem.

Unfortunately, my go-to Mixosaurus setups take hours to rebuild for all the complex routing - multiplied by a dozen different drum kits. I soooo do not want to rebuild all those Track Archives, nor do I want to fix the hundreds of projects I already have that employ Mixosaurus, especially when doing so won’t do anything to prevent the problem from recurring.

Any assistance is appreciated.

I’m using:

  • Cubase Pro v10.0.60 Build 396
  • Kontakt v5.8.1 (R43)
  • Windows 10 Pro v10.0.19041