Midi delay... i don't get it.


i want to play a note and have midi delay to play one 5th above after 1/4 note (say)
there’s is just no way i can do that with midi delay.
when i set midi delay to have ONE delay it is always immediately with the note played whatever the delay setting.

why is that ? in any “sound delay” like tap delay the delay time you set affects the first sound produced by the delay. and then you can set wet dry if you want the first impulse to be heard or not.
am i missing something ? how to have the first delay actualy “delayed” by the parameter delay… weird to ask this question that should be how the delay work right ?

if i set pitch offset 7 / repeat 1 / delay 1/4
i get 2 notes played together. The note i play and this single delay that is 5th above but not delayed.
now if i set repeat to 2 i get a 2nd delay after 1/4 but now it 9th above… not what i want.


Do you mean the MIDI Echo MIDI Insert, right?

What is the Beat Align settings? Try to increase it, please.

Hi thx for your answer.
yes MIDI echo sorry.
Beat Align settings is the same. what ever setting i hear the note i play on keyboard, the first generated note by the MIDI echo always plays exactly with that note what ever setting i put.
on any delay tool you have the first tap beeing delayed by the value you set. here the first echo is mixed with the note in.
makes it unusable to me.

Manual says in live mode the first repeat will always play with the note. But in playback mode the Beat Align will push it back to its setting.

Bit strange if you ask me…

Maybe not what you’re after but why don’t you try using a traditional delay effect as a send and adding a pitch shift plugin on the FX channel. Waves have a good one called SoundShifter.

Wow … yes strange. Thanks for looking into it.

Thx ilmolto i’m using the crystiliser for those… but no really for this i want the midi echo function. I want to to render the midi echo to tracks… then trig a disklavier… big work :sweat_smile: