MIDI Delay issues in C7

I have two strange behaviors with plugins during playback in Cubase/Win 7 64 bit:

  1. Toontrack plugins, both EZ and Superior are delayed by 1/2 to 1 bar during playback during playback. This doesn’t happen with any other plugins. It seems to have started when I installed Cubase 7. Very annoying.

  2. Musiclab RealLPC slurs fast passages. No other plugin exhibits this behavior.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

No problems here with Superior Drummer. Cubase 7.5.20 64-Bit / Windows 7.

Which exact Cubase build are you running?

Does it happen in a fresh project with only Superior Drummer loaded?

could it be an issue with the latency not being taken into account correctly?

Thanks for the replies.

I am seeing these issues in Cubase 7.07 with Toontrack drums and Musiclab RealStrat. There is no indication that anyone else has the same problem (exactly). Toontrack didn’t used to do this.

The problem is between Cubase and (Some!) VST Instruments.

I can’t see how latency could be an issue. No other VST Instruments misbehave and VST occupancy never exceeds 30%.

Somehow the flow of MIDI (buffering?) between Cubase and these plugins is scrambled briefly, then recovers. (Buffer not initialized?)

Is there anything in my MIDI configuration (Windows and/or Cubase) that might be causing this?