Midi delay that comes from nowhere

I had this problem with CB 9 pro too.

In that, when I duplicated a track, the live midi signal would then incur a noticeable delay from the second that I hit a key to the half a second later, the sound being played. I then stopped duplicating tracks to avoid this problem.

Now I have CB 10 pro, and this bug has followed me. Plus, this time I don’t know how it arrived! I never duplicated anything. One minute everything is running fine. The next, it’s back!!! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is trying to play and record everything, out of time and then shift it later. It feels like I have a recording I cant use.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Ok, problem solved.

When ever I add a multiband compressor to the stereo out, causes a delay in the sound UNLESS you click the “live” button

(sigh of relief)