midi delay that would go beyond 500 milliseconds ?

Hello, I am looking in Cubase a midi delay that would go beyond 500 milliseconds. What Cubase offers in midi insert is insufficient. An idea ? I may miss some information.

Another question: is there in Cubase a midi delay that works by note length, not in milliseconds? For example, a half-eighth note.

Have you tried the MIDI Echo Insert? Or are you wanting to not hear the original note that’s played?

I do not want to hear the original note. Just a delay as we do in audio.

Have you tried setting up a delay plugin such as Mono Delay on an FX Channel? Then set up the send as a pre-fader, turn the volume all the way down on the original channel. You should now be hearing only the FX Channel which will be delayed to your settings. Make sure to put it on 100% wet.

Or you could just select the whole track for editing, select all notes and delay their starting points with 500 milliseconds?

Thank you all. I can apply these solutions easily, but they are detours. I do not understand why Cubase, which is so developed for midi, does not offer that at the source, in its midi plug-in. Even in Pro Tools, I can set delays to very long note values in real time and non-destructively. It’s still disappointing.