MIDI Delay

Hi All, I hope someone can help me.

I have been using LE8 with audio only on and off for a while. Recently I tried working with MIDI and came across a timing issue which I can’t solve.

I’m using a Windows 10 64 bit PC, Cubase LE8 v8.0.40 and an M-Audio 2x2M USB interface to record audio. For MIDI I set the track to use Microsoft Wavetable Synth and with GM Map for drums.

I imported a MIDI file generated by Band-in-a-Box and it all worked and sounded OK. However, I noticed that during playback, when the curser passed over a drum beat (location of which can be on the track image) the drum didn’t sound until an eighth note later. If I set the metronome audio and MIDI on, the MIDI was an eighth note after the audio (the metronome audio BEEP was in sync with the barlines) I’m aware of Asio, latency and monitoring and after reading the user guide, have tinkered a bit, but I don’t really understand how it all works :confused:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

I would try to use other but the Microsoft Wavetable Synth, please. Could you use any virtual instrument (HALino Sonic SE), please?

I found my old Roland Dr Synth DS-330. Using that instead of Wavetable fixes the delay problem. Thanks.
Now I have a problem with MIDI tracks playback dropping out. Changing the bank select starts it again. Any ideas on that would be appreciated.