Midi delay


I suspect that this one has been done to death but I do need some help if someone can stomach it …

I have a Yamaha MOTIF ES8 which I just want to use as a midi keyboard. Have connected it to C6 via Midisport 4x4 Anniversary(!!) Edition.
C6 running on iMac Lion 10.7.4. When I hit a key on the keyboard, the Transport does light up telling me that data has hit the track but this is only after a c. 1.5 second delay. I have messed about with this for blooming hours and on occasion it has worked perfectly.

I didn’t make a note of how I got it working unfortunately but now this is really killing what little creativity I have!

Does anyone have any hints on this? If I need to get a new USB midi controller I guess I can but then again from what I have read here, there may be problems with those too.

Any solace very welcome



What about the LED on the MIDISPORT? Does it indicate incoming signal immediately? Is the delay between Motif and Midisport, or between, Midisport and computer?

Do you have the last one version of Midisport driver?