Midi Delete (kind of) Doubles


How for peace sake can I delete those (kind of) doubles? Screenshot attached.
None of the commands (marked in the attached jpg) made the job.

Is it doable?



These are not Doibles neither Overlaps. You can Delete Notes. :slight_smile:

Would Logical Editor help? Something lik if the Note Volume is lower than X, delete it?

Yeh it would make the job on the low velocity notes,
however I’m not sure this is the case of all my “doubles”.

You could also try a Logical Editor based on Experimental > Filter off Beats. If you know, the Off beat of these Doibles is bigger then your live-playing off-beat.

Or you could try Delete Short Notes, if you know, these doubeles are shorter then your wanted notes.

BTW, I can’t understand why is it no overlaps,
Hence one note begins before its prior ends, so it’s over the other. Ain’t that overlapping?

It deletes the portion of the earlier note that is overlapping.

It doesn’t delete the Note, but shorten the first one. So it delete the overlapping part.

yeah, uhuh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… Thanks!

I don’t know if the following would work, but worth a try :wink:
Quantize the MIDI Part, then use Delete Doubles, then Undo Quantize.

Hah! Nice.