Midi device active but no input in Cubase

I have some trouble with midi input.

Some time, the midi keyboards work fine and some times not.
Sometimes it looses the input during a session.

The problem:
In the midi settings, Cubase recognizes the devices (for example Akai MPK mini) as active.
But it generates no input. Even in the monitor of the midi device settings, i can´t
see any input.
Pluggin it out and in does not solve the problem. In the settings, the device disappeares and come back as active, when i plug it back in. But no input.
I have to restart the entire Computer to get the input back.

Do anyone have a clue whats going on?

best regards

  • Cubase 13
  • Windows 11

Make sure your USB selective suspend is disabled and power management settings for each USB hub in device manager has the allow computer to turn this device off to save power unticked.

I almost answered that i have setup this way, but i checked it and the energysettings have been reset.

But i set it up like descriped (again) but the problem appeared again.

In the situation, cubase get no input from the midi device, i tried a standalone midi capture tool. The tool gets messages from the device, cubase not.