Midi device auto install Xml files

why are there so few xml files for midi devices and other hardware. are the producers so lazy that they don’t bother to make them when they are finished with a product, but let the end user do all the work.

and why can’t cubase scan all cc and automatically create an xml file that you can install in MIDI Remote Integration. I think that the only thing I will have to do is to insert an image of type Styrmon nightsky in MIDI Remote Integration which is scalable, and create knobs and buttons over that image for the sake of mapping and which looks like nightsky when you are done.

but why isn’t there auto MIDI Remote Integration and auto MIDI Device Manager, so that cubase shows the name of the device and not just the GM device, which you don’t know if it is.

just a suggestion and an idea. this may already exist, or a way of working that I am not aware of. please help me if possible