Midi Device Bank change problems

Hi I’ve spent a long time studying the documentation on setting up Midi Devices, particularly for my external FX (Lexicon MPX1 and TC Electronic Fireworx) and and old Triton Synth. I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the scripts right now, using folders and bank change messages before program change messages in each preset. However with all of the above external gear, the program selection only works if no bank selection is required. i.e. the bank selection component doesnt seem to work. I have Cubase 12 and have deleted all Midi remote devices and have checked MIDI filters, but still no deal.

I also worked through the build a panel for Korg Triton in the Midi Devices document. It all appears in the Inspector OK but absolutely nothing works…

Any ideas, please i’m so frustrated by this.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you attach a screenshot of the MIDI Device, please?


Isn’t it the same as mentioned here by any chance?

Sorry I’m not sure what you are refering to, but its been closed as has cubase multiple times but still only the program change works not the change block, which for the MPX1 is cc32

This is similar with the Triton, which was installed from the scripts supplied by cubase


Try to save the XML file and restart Cubase as it is mentioned in the post I linked, please.

I thought the scripts were text files, where are the xml files stored please

I found the panel xml file I creted for the triton patch that was included in cubase and saved it, then reopened cubase, and the panel still has no effect on the triton. I have done a search for xml files, but cant find the ones used for midi devices. I’d be greatful for a pointer


Is the Output setup correctly?

Don’t you filter Bank Select out in the Preferences by any chance?

No just double checked filtering, not filtering anything. I 'm not sure what you mean by output, but I assume that if the program changes work ok, then it must be. It’s only the presets with bank change > 1 that don’t work.

I still havent found where the modified xml files are stored

So using the Triton midi device iinstalled from the included preset, I can select any preset in the inspector, from any folder, and as long as its in bank A, it works fine, but otherwise nothing. I have deleted all my Midi Remote items, and have disconcted generic remote, and track and vst quick controls.

If I understand correctly what you want to do
just open the midi device manager

import xml file

install device

and the banks appear

Did you make sure the Lexicon is set up correctly?

Furthermore, the manual is not 100% clear on whether the device expects only a BankSelectLSB or if it needs a combi of BankSelectMSB and BankSelectLSB before the program change command.
Have you tried sending value 0 for the LSB?

These are the things I would try.

Yes that’s exactly what I did for the Korg Triton

OK I done all the standard system midi setup ok. In the manual it says use cc 32 for bank change, So I’ll try the 0 for LSB. Thanks

Yes, but then it also says this:

which I find not very clear at all. So you might wanna give it a try and send a pair of BankSelects if the other stuff doesn’t work.

It’s been a long time since I’ve last used such commands, however I do remember I had to use two midi ccs, both 0 and 32. So for example, if we want bank 1, we send cc0 with value 0 and then cc32 with value 1.
If we want, say, bank 128, we have to send cc0 with value 1 and then cc32 with value 0.
Not sure about your device’s midi implementation but I have to guess this should work.