Midi-Device every element sends 3 messages

I have already explained that I have problems with a self-made midi device map and SysEx commands - but the “problem” is much more general…

while testing (cubase 12) I noticed that with a self-made control panel (MIdi device management) all switches (buttons and impulse buttons) send each command three times - but that doesn’t make any sense to me
In my opinion, a switch should send the max value of the parameter once and only once (!) when it is switched on and the mini value when it is switched off (also only once).

then I simply installed the Roland JV 1080 device (as a midi device) and there - the same problem:
a switch for MainVol CC07, for example, always sends out 3 midi commands

Am I doing something wrong or is there a good reason for this - it appears to me as a bug in Cubase
especially for sysex commands that makes no sense at all

Greetings Oliver


Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports, please? You are probably using multiple MIDI Driver types.

Do you mean this ?
(multiple midi drivers - i didn’t know this could happen)


Yes, I mean this,

Oh, loopBe and LoopMIDI… Most likely you have any MIDI loopback here.

Hi Martin,
thank you - loopbe1 was “the problem” but there are still two messages “left”
one if i klick the button and one if i release it
but i think “it’s a feature not a bug”
for the automation cubase “needs” the last value again and sets the new one a short time after
it’s not what i would like to have - but it works now fine
so again big thanks to you


Yes, this is a feature. You have to choose the correct mode of the given button in the Mapping Assistant.