MIDI device files ?


i’m just getting started with cubase 8, and i’d like to get some interface files for my synths. i’ve found some cubase interface files on the net, and i’ve figured out where in cubase i can load these in, but it doesn’t seem to work. cubase continues to stare dumbly out into space when i try to load the file. the files i downloaded are text files, and cubase seems to be looking for ‘xml’ files, so my thought is that i have files to an older version of cubase and that there must have been some sort of format change for cubase 8.

here’s a snippet of one of the files i found.

[cubase parse file]
[parser version 0001]

[device manufacturer] Novation
[device name]         Supernova 2 OS 2
[script name]         Supernova-2
[script version]      Version 1.01

[define patchnames]

[mode] Performances

[g1] Performance A
[p2, 0, -1, 1]      A000 Blaster Master

if this isn’t the correct file, could someone recommend a good place to download MIDI device files that work with cubase 8 ?