MIDI Device List / Support

Hello All,

I’ve recently moved over from Logic, where I used an old version of Sounddiver. I moved over largely because Apple don’t support Sounddiver anymore and I hoped that the Cubase world had better support for hardware, BUT…

The list of Cubase supported devices seems VERY slim. I have a lot of outboard effects (Lexicon PCM70 and PCM80), Eventide H3000, Ensoniq DP-Pro etc etc etc plus synths: Sequential Prophet 5; Roland R8-M; Kawai K5000, SQ80 etc etc etc… and there appears to be a real lack of device panels made to support a wide range of effects and synths. Both by Steinberg and the wider Cubase community.

I’ve checked out http://www.cykong.com/CubaseSX/SXpanels.htm#TEMPLATES and whilst very useful… it dates from a much earlier version of Cubase. Frankly I was hoping that rather than starting from scratch there would be some elementary set ups for some common effects boxes…

Am I missing something? Or does Steinberg think that all hardware has evaporated? Is there a repository of device panels and set ups somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m scratching my head on this one.


Sadly, I think you’re on your own on this one.

I too noticed the list being quite ‘meek’ when I bought Cubase last summer.

It would seem that this is an area that has been abandoned - or at least at the bottom of the priority scale.

I was also looking for a way to control 3 reverb units as well (Lexicon MPX1, Eventide 3000, and Yamah Pro R3) via MIDI. Are there any MIDI map files available for download? I couldn’t seem to find any on the web. I’ve set up other devices that are more popular with files. I just don’t have the time to map every single control in these units.

Thanks for the replies folks. nice to know I’m not alone in my frustration. I have been informed via another forum that there is little to no support for hardware with the exCeption of MidiQuest, which appears to have fairly good ongoing support.

I will post in the “requests” section and would appreciate you guys joining me in lobbying Cubase to support hardware in a more comprehensive way.

I forgot to mention Neil, I too am looking for a H3000 control. The Pro R3 sounds like a great unit.

I would list my devices but it’s long and frankly this is the reason at need a good editor controller with support for hardware units.

A side note, jrakari, I have a client that wants to buy my Eventide every time he comes in. I don’t use it often enough, but it’s like that special mic that sits in the mic locker that is just right for that one recording every so often. I just can’t get rid of it because of it’s unique sounds.

Yes, the Pro R3 is a great unit with a very friendly interface. The 2 best features are the analog EQ on the back end to filter the sound of the reverb/effect, and the “infinite” button that will hold a sustain forever. Way cool.

Hey Neil, great to hear the H3000 love. I use mine often - last time yesterday on a complex set of synth sounds each being AUXed to the H3000 (259) SymphonicChorus effect. B-E-AU-TiFuLL… lol
Now, if we could tweek an effect , save the sys-ex into a song file, via the well integrated MIDI interface on Cubase, we’d be leading happier lives!!!

I loved your description of the hold Eventide has over you :slight_smile:

I lusted after a Pro-R3 for quite a while, then I realised I don’t have any rack space left for another reverb unit.
My main reverb/delay rack (top to bottom) = Ensoniq DP-Pro; Eventide H3000 (upgraded to 3500) ; Lexicon PCM80; Ensoniq DP-4; Sony MU-R201; Yamaha D1500; Korg SDD-2000. The Behringer V-Verb I have is at the top of my compression rack … and who knows what I’ll do when I’ve fixed the power caps in my PCM70… where will I put it?! hahhahahaa

Hi jrakarl, did you found any midi device panel for the PCM80?