MIDI Device Manager - Add Panel to a PatchNames File question

Ok, so i’ve just discovered how to bring in patchnames that other people have made for the synths i own. Works brilliant, Cubase continues to impress.

However, while in the MIDI Device Manager i noticed that you can create panels to control your external synth parameters which looks excellent.

The problem i have is that patchname (.txt) files that i’ve imported don’t allow you to change whether the MIDI devices channels are ‘identical’ or ‘individual’. So if i create a panel it only applies to one channel for that MIDI Device, as it defaults to ‘Individual’.

Is anyone aware of how to convert/edit the MIDI Device so i can use Identical channels for each device? OR maybe there’s a way of somehow copying one panel across to multiple Individual Channel entries?

I hope i’m making myself clear here, Any help or links on the subject greatly received.

There’s a separate manual on this: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/documentation/MIDI_Devices_english.pdf

Many thanks, i’ll have a look through that later - appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, the Device Panel Editor is quite weird and also buggy (its code is over 15 years old…) which makes copying/pasting parameters and changing Midi channels almost impossible. But once you manage to set it up properly it works really well!

The official manual is very basic, but you can find a good tutorial (incl. copying workarounds and some tips and tricks) here: https://www.cykong.com/CubaseSX/SXpanels-Tips.htm

Good luck!!