Midi Device Manager..doesnt work with Roland JD series..why?


i would like to know why the Midi Device Manager has not had a decent update or even look-in by Steinberg since before Cubase 4? it has so many problems, yet we get TWO more vsti synths in an update?

i have a Roland JD 800. it has one slider on the panel for “filter”. this controls all 4 oscillators in the patch at once. but in the Cubase Midi Device Manager, apparently its just too hard to make a damn screen fader to replicate the same JD800 panel slider. In the Midi Device Manager, i now need FOUR (4) sliders to do the same job as the one on the synth. how is this even usable ? do i have four mouse pointers Steinberg?

you cannot assign 4 sysex commands to a single screen fader in the Midi Device Manager. This makes all device managers for the Roland JD and JV series designed in this thing unusable and a complete mess as the Roland synths do things by layers of 4 oscillators at once, and thus four sysex commands together, but the Midi Device Manager will only do things one fader - one sysex.

all i want to do is grab a fader on the screen and make it wobble my filter on my synth. If the Midi Device Manager cant do this, what is the point of the whole thing.

most of you are probably saying “who cares whats the Midi Device Manager i have never even seen it in Cubase who owns that old hardware crap anymore anyways just use a vsti man like everyone else does”.

Cubase seems to do a few thousand other things well so I guess one or two hiccups had to happen.
I hope you only discovered this on the demo version.
I’m sure if you outline the feature you need in a non moany way someone will at least consider it.
They have designed Cubase WITH VSTis in mind rather than writing full scale controllers for hardware synths that can go out of date quicker than an Ascot frock.