Midi Device Manager - Intall Device -MicroKorg

I received Cubase AI 6 along a purchase of a Yamaha MX61. Installed it, everything working fine. The MX61 appears as a device within my Midi Device Manager settings. Now I’d like to add a MicroKorg Xl+, I go to Midi Device Manager and select Install Device/Add a Midi Device, I am presented with a list of 50 or so keyboards (mostly Yamaha), the MicroKorg does not appear on the list. How do I go about attaining such a script? I understand I can “create” my own (not quite sure whether I would create one of value), surely such scripts must exist which would have the MircoKorg Xl+ appear as a device within Cubase Midi Device Manager?

You might find the right one by using ‘Cubase patch script Microkorg’ or such terms. There are several sites on the net holding many of those files for download. A matter of luck, mostly, especially with newer synths.