Midi Device Manager not working

When I add my Yamaha CP5 to the Midi Device Manager I open the Device and I can see all the patches listed in all the banks for the Yamaha CP5 but when I add a Midi track in Cubase and set the Input and Output to the Yamaha CP5 I select the Bank and Preset fields in the Inspector below the Input and Output settings and nothing happens. No Patch selection dialogue pops as I was expecting and saw in previous versions of Cubase Pro. Am I missing something here or is this a bug? Is there a workaround?


You have to select the MIDI Out in the MIDI Device itself. Then as the MIDI Out you select the MIDI Device, not the MIDI Port itself.

I have it set to the Yamaha CP5 output in the MIDI Device Manager itself. All the patches show in the Device Manager when I select the Open Device dialogue but when I set the track to Yamaha CP5 for the MIDI input and output in the Inspector I left click in the Bank Selector or the Program Selector fields in the Track Inspector nothing is displayed (nothing happens whatsoever). This has got to be a bug.


As an output, select Yamaha CP5 as MIDI Device. Maybe I would recommend to rename the MIDI Device to don’t share the very same name as the name of the MIDI Port is. This might be confusing for Cubase.

Resolved! When selecting the MIDI out in the Inspector I was selecting the “Yamaha CP5” selection. Confusing…but there is another selection “Yamaha CP5 (Yamaha CP5)” available, which is the MIDI out associated with the MIDI Device I set up called “Yamaha CP5”. Once I selected that MIDI out the patch list popped as expected. Done deal. All is good now.

Thank you for your assistance.