MIDI Device Manager - Patch Banks - Sysex

Using PC Windows 10 with Cubase Pro 12,
I have defined a new instrument in the Midi Device Manager (with “Preset Reference”).
When defining a patch under “patch banks”,
I use a custom sysex string before the actual Program change.
Selecting that patch in channel inspector, result in no midi messages is sent by the interface(Midex 8, M8UXL).
If I’m leaving out the sysex string, it works and PC is sent.

The sysex string is confirmed to work, when adressed to a button on the device panel.

Since the SysEx string works on a device panel I assume the SysEx box was ticked when you created the device?

Maybe it helps to switch of the SysEx filter in the Preferences. This is just a long shot from my side. I really go no idea.

I tried it on my devices. It also doesn’t work on my end. No idea why.

Thanks for the advices, but have already tried all of them. :frowning: