Midi Device Manager - Possible Bug

I’m trying to set up a new device called ‘V-Drums’ which is set up as an ‘External Instrument’ in VST Connections by following the instructions in the section called ‘Defining a new Midi device’ in the user manual, but it does not appear to function correctly.

This is what I do:

Select Midi Device Manager from the Devices menu. Then ‘Install Device’ and ‘Define New’ +[OK], which opens the ‘Create New Midi Device’ window.

In the ‘Name’ box I enter ‘V-Drums’.

In the ‘Identical Channels’ section I un-highlight all 16 channels and in the ‘Individual Channels’ section I highlight only ‘10’ (the midi channel the device is set to receive on).

In the ‘Channel Settings’ and ‘Global Settings’ sections only ‘Channel Parameters’ is checked (the default).

I click [OK].

The device then appears in the Installed Devices list and another window opens enabling Patches to be set up. There are none there so I select ‘Patch Banks’ from the popup menu at the top and create a new bank containing 100 presets names numbered 1 to 100.

At the bottom of the Midi Device Manager window I connect the new device to the relevant Midi output.

On the VST Connections / External Instruments screen I set a link to the ‘V-Drums’ Midi Device.

So far, so good.

Now, following the instructions in ‘Selecting a patch for an installed device’, in the Project window Inspector for the V-drums Midi track I select ‘V-drums’. According to the user manual, the ‘Bank’ and ‘Program Selector’ fields should be replaced by a single ‘Program Selector’ field where patches/presets can be selected by name - this is not happening on the Midi track nor on the associated ‘Instrument’ track.

Presets can still be selected by number in the ‘Program Selector’ field, but why is the above not happening?

Note: If I install a device that already exists on the ‘Add Midi Device’ list ( a Korg Prophesy for example) everything works as expected.

What am I missing?

With regard to creating a Midi Device that contains all of the patch/preset names for a device, this does not appear to function in Nuendo. It only appears to work if an existing script file is used - creating files from scratch does not work.

I spoke to two different people a Steinberg’s European Support today and neither of them could get it going. Actually, they did not even want to try, so perhaps they know there are issues in that area. I solved the problem by copying and editing an extant script file made for another piece of hardware.