Midi Device Manager: Problem and Workaround

Hi. Firstly thanks to the other users who’ve posted on this topic.
This post is to make the workaround easier for PC users to follow.
<< and >> surrounding an entry denotes a file or a folder

Problem: Midi Device Manager doesn’t work correctly when importing a device.


Copy the file << midi devices.bin >> from an older version of Cubase where the Midi Device Manager was working correctly and where you were able to correctly Import/Export your desired devices. For example Cubase 8.5 (though an older version should work okay too though I haven’t tested it).

Things to note:

  1. prior to any file copying or moving, rename the ORIGINAL Cubase 9 << midi devices.bin >> just in case

  2. << midi devices.bin >> for your Cubase versions can be found on your PC under your windows user profile. For example:

Cubase 9
<< c:\users\whatever_your_profile_is_called\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Cubase 9_64*\midi devices.bin >>

Cubase 8.5
<< c:\users\whatever_your_profile_is_called\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Cubase 8.5_64*\midi devices.bin >>

  1. Once you have copied the file to the << Cubase 9_64 >> folder, just open Cubase 9 and the Midi Device Manager ‘et voila’ your Midi devices should be loaded. This doesn’t fix the import/export features of the Midi Device Manager in Cubase 9, so if you need to make alterations to your Midi Devices, you will need to do so in your older Cubase version and then go thru this file copy process again to activate your recent setup.

Hello colleagues,

My first post here :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for all future help.
I hope I can contribute in some way too.

The question I’d like to ask:

Does anyone know if this probleem has been solved in the 9.5 update?

I’d like to let you know this trick does work fine with Cubase 7.5 (like you suggested).
I just tested: C7.5 > C9