MIDI Device Manager Question HELP!!

I’m due a new build and will be making the upgrade to cubase 6 (full).

I’m currently using studio 4 and have made my own midi device set up, Importing my hardware instruments into the midi device manager. Some of the instruments were already there, others just needed amending.

Here’s my query, can I load my old Midi Device XML into cubase 6?? I’ve exported the set up, will it just load straight in??

I’ve spent hours typing in patch names/bank lists and putting in controller information to access them. I don’t want to have to do this again. Figuring out the code was a nightmare which I still have no idea how I managed to do. I don’t want to just load in the existing instruments that will be in cubase 6’s midi device manager as I’ve made many changes.

Thank you.

Yes you can.
Just drag a copy of your “midi devices.bin” on your new preferences folder.

But remember always save a back up copy of this file specially after update your devices (i.e. add a new device,preset or panel) cause in my experience when Cubase 6 crash,sometimes this file (midi devices.bin) get´s destroyed and if you don´t have a back up you’ll need to redo all your device’s settings.


Wicked, thanks a lot. the file I have is an .xml and not .bin but I’m doing the upgrade anyways.

Another question if I buy the upgrade can I still sell my cubase studio 4. Will I get a new key with the upgrade etc.

if you have the xml files just import the same way as in c4 all mine work perfect !

if you buy an upgrade you only get the software ,no key included but you can resell using …