MIDI device manager scripts problem

I’m using Cubase Essential 5 with a Roland XV3080 module and am having trouble setting up the MIDI device manager for it. I’ve obtained a script in .txt format and copied it into the Steinberg Inactive folder, where all the other scripts are kept. But it still doesn’t appear in the Device Manager list. I tried moving the Inactive folder out of the Steinberg folder (into My Documents) and, strangely, after restarting Cubase the list in Device Manager hasn’t changed. What is going on? How do I get the script to be recognised?

did you use the “install devices” to install it after putting the text file in the folder ?

This is the same problem I try to settle. I use KORG PA50 and KORG published parse file in .txt format to be installed to ->scripts->patchnames->inactive. After all this I try -> MIDI Device Manager and Install Device - no new device appears in the list of midi devices. I try to Define New - I get window “Create New MIDI device”. Here one can manually program a new device but this is a very time consuming work. If you try “Import setup” you are requested to provide Steinberg XML file. Where to get it? I assume some good moderator can explain the right procedure. Hope so.