Midi Device Manager Sending Note Possible ?

I am trying to make a panel for a Yamaha Tyros 4.
All good, as midi control change, everything works like a charm, i love the Midi Device programing system except…
I can´t find a way to program a switch as NOTE.
The Tyros has a style control system based on notes.
I mean to recall Start Stop I should send on Channel 16 the C#-1.
Well, I can´t find a way to set the switch with a parameter that sends NOTES.
Maybe I don´t know where to look?

Thank you in advance for help.

Hey you… I just could not believe it… from the back of my brain I seemed to remember that this is possible. I checked in the panel editor and it really seems that Note Messages are not possible from midi device panels. I am seriously shocked - what a stupid omission.

I hope someone can correct me…

Maybe I may suggest you to change the title of the thread to a question like:
“Can MIDI Device Panels send Note-Messages?”

I am sure that it can.
but not in the “usual” way.
It may need a MIDI System Exclusive Master :ugeek:
One that can save me , and write here the SysEx for NoteOn/NoteOff for C#-1 to B3 notes.
Anyway, this is a preview…
When it is done, I promise I will put it here.


Maybe it is possible to edit the xml file that represents the panel and insert note on/offs - just try to insert a placeholder CC and then locate it in the xml file. - Note on offs are to my knowledge not possible via Sysex messages.

I don´t know. But it is frustrating. Such a tiny thing, function, and it is not available.
And that is for Cubase and Yamaha. I had a Korg Pa1x Pro ,that received Program Change for style functions, Mains, Fills. It was easy to program.
But no, Yamaha had to have Notes for that control, and Cubase had to not have Notes as parameter.

Anyway, I attached the xml for the panel, but includes the Tyros 4 patch list , and my CS1x List too.
So if someone need to see how the panel is made, import only the Tyros 4 Control.
Tyros 4 Control 2020.xml.zip (273 KB)

I agree - the omission is just crazy.
I can find the messages in the xml file - rather at the bottom. THere are Hex-Numbers (6 Digits) that are the control change messages. But I am not aware how to identify the correct one assigned to a certain control on your panel.
I am sure that it is possible to modify the xml - but dont know enough to really help at this point.

May I ask you something? When using the panel editor and selecting a MIDI control for a parameter, there is a drop down menu appearing. ON my screen this drop down menu goes beyond the screen, so not all entries are accessible… is this also the case on your screen?

I am also wondering wheter modifying the HEX string below this would allow to enter a hex string for note on/note off… I did not try.

Click right on the background u used, and set “go background” and that layer will be set under the other…

click right on the background to have this menu (see foto) and the click on To Background.

Hi, thank you … my question was about the panel editor while creating it and defining parameters. There is a field (in the parameter section) where you can chose a midi controller (below that is the HEX_line). When you click on that field - a drop down box appears. This box is very high/long and in my setup it ECEEDS the screen, I cant even scoll to the lowest lines!

Is that also happening on your setup? (Note, I am not talking about your special panel, but about the panel editor in cubase).

Thx, Ernst

Yes. Use the mouse scroll… to go to the parameter you need.