MIDI Device Manager stuck on initialisation.

On launching a newly installed Artist 9.5 and after sorting out an initialising Ableton stall at start-up by running two re-installs on Ableton and Cubase 9.5. The start-up is now stalled at the Initialise Midi Device Manager. One would assume that having run the install again all problems would get fixed by virtue of some internal coding on diagnostic feedback but no, it’s not to be.

The problem arose out of a failed install of Arturia Analog Lab where the licence didn’t download correctly when installing it to Ableton - I hadn’t used it.
Firstly the Cubase launch stopped at Ableton then to VST Mixer but now it stops at midi Device Manager even after a reinstall. I had saved the dll file to VST Plugins (Steinberg Program Folder). I removed Analog Lab to a safe folder. It still wouldn’t work. So I plugged all devices out ran a new install again and hey presto it’s working.
I can understand how Ableton and VST mixer may not Initialise after a bad VST check but MIDI Device Manager too?
Any thoughts?


Make sure all drivers are up to date, please.

You can also try to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode.