MIDI Device not behaving correctly

I have set up MIDI devices for 4 sound modules. Three of which was set up using pre-defined devices in the “Add MIDI Device” window. One I had to create from scratch (Roland R-8M) because there is no pre-defined device for this.

The 3 ones, that were set up from the pre-defined devices, works as they should. Selecting the Instrument in the Inspector changes the patch list in the Program Selector and selecting an entry changes the correct patch on the sound module.

The one I set up from scratch does not behave as expected. When I select it in the Instrument menu in the Inspector, the patch list in the Program Selector remains the same as the previously selected Instrument! Not only that, but changing to a new entry changes the patch on the previously selected sound module. Despite R-8M is the selected Instrument. And yes, I have set up a patch list for it in the MIDI Device Manager.

I seem to be unable to figure out why the R-8M Device behaves in this manner (i.e. doesn’t work). Since it’s the one I set up from scratch, I assume I’m doing something wrong. But what?!?

Any help would be appreciated.

It has been a minute since I had to edit or change my midi devices but I seem to remember that each device needs to have unique midi ports assigned to it. It sounds like your problematic device’s port is not setup properly. Open the Midi Device Manager and click on the various devices in the list on the left. Each device should have a unique “output” (bottom of the window) assigned.

Good luck.

It is. Thanks anyway.

Do you have “midi local on”? Also confirm that change program/bank cc are standard on the R-8, if not then I really wouldn’t know besided finding the right patch script.

It’s been quite a while for me also since I last created midi instruments/mixermaps. Creating your own midi instruments can be a bitch. You have to dig into the small print of the midi implementation chart. Things like correctly setting LSB & MSB can make the difference between working instrument or not. So it’s impossible for me to know what you should do to make this one work.

R-8M is a rack module, and thus have no local on/off.

I don’t think the problem lies with the R-8M module but with Cubase. The others chance the patch list correcly (even if I disconnect the MIDI connections). The R-8M doesn’t!