MIDI Device not working after reconnect

Hello. I have an Arturia Keystep 37 that stops working in Live if I reconnect it. It’s kind of a bummer, since during a live show you would expect it to be working after being plugged back in. Weirdly it works OK in Cubase 12, where it’s less needed. What gives? Is it a bug or to be expected?

It is the actual behavior of VSTL.

It’s also the behaviour of the devices’ driver. Some keep it open and just stop activity, others loose the port and create a new one when re-connected.
VST Live does not scan devices for changes at runtime. It may be disruptive in a live situation.
“Devices/Reset Audio Device” allows to rescan audio, we are planning the same for MIDI which might help in this case.

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Well, in my case it’s definitely not the driver, as this is working perfectly in Cubase.
At the very least I think there should be a manual option to do a rescan, it would be useful during rehearsals

Looks VSTL is ‘hijacking’ some midi messages./devices
I want to send NoteOn/Off from an Arduino. in a ext. Midi-Monitor all looks good, when I start VST Live the Midi Monitor looses the connection, VST Live receives totally odd messages. When closing VSTL all is fine again. (e.g. Arturia Softsynths receive correct data)
Must be something with ‘driver’ initialisation.

This is very vague, sorry. What system are you on? And did you check VST Lives’ own Midi Monitor on the input where you send data to? Do you have other MIDI related software running?
Afaik no software can “hijack” MIDI data from the system, Mac or Windows. However on Windows, some programs have difficulties sharing MIDI ports.

You are correct, sorry - the bug was not with Steinberg, it was with midi interface software. ‘Iconnectivity MIO’ .It messed up data until updating the mio-software. (it did not work when receiving some data via MIO interface and other data midi device via USB direct at the same time - whyever - it is solved now)