Midi device one switch to several parameters

Hi !

Impossible to find how assigning several parameters to one midi device object such as a switch.
I’ve found how to make seral objects controling the same parameter easily but impossible to find how to achieve the opposit !

So, my question is :
:question: I’d like to be able to send values 0-127 on cc46 and 127-0 on cc49 with THE SAME switch… :question:

Help ! Any info will be welcomed ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

Ah aaah ! I’ll thank nobody ! :smiling_imp:

A control group where one is reverse would do that - if I read you right.

Move one and other will do opposite.

The only way is to make a separate Generic Remote for each thing you want to control. Hardly elegant, but does work.

Piz midi plugins might be useful as well, I use those a lot.

They are free. But they are not recognized as Cubase midi plugins, just as ordinary vst synth without audio.

The midiConverter3 plugin will load like a synth and can be cascaded to another instrument taking input from that.
I think it will do what you ask if you send CC46 it can create opposite CC49 for you.

One CC in and select another out, and reverse values by setting low higher than high.
Adjust thru to not block selected, but just let that through - and it creates the other as well.

I use Metaplugin (http://ddmf.eu ) to load a bunch of those together with a bunch of instruments for convenience.
Just drag the connections as you please - midi and audio.

There is a similar plugin by bluecat audio Patchwork that works in a similar way.

Just save as preset to reuse.

–> Larioso --> I already know piz midi plugs and use them a lot. Asimpliest way is to create 2 buttons : one for cc46, the other for 49. But I’d like to achieve to press just 1 button for turning solo a mix console channel and mute another one. I found an work around in that style.

–> Steve --> If I create another midi remote, I’ll have 2 midi devices , I don’t see how I could send 2 midi cc with only 1 button if they are on 2 devices !

Ok … It seems impossible ! I can’t believe Steinberg didn’t think to allow what I want ! :cry: But … Thanks, guyz !! :mrgreen:

I think midiConverter3 can let your original CC46 through, and also provide a converted CC46 to CC49, and set low higher than high to get reverse functionality. So one button should be sufficient.

Thanks… In fact, I’m using a similar device in my Scope system which is the most tweakable audio system on the planet. You can easily do this in Scope system, but I like to try to use every features I have at my disposal…

Really pity Steinberg’s midi device are not able to control several parameter with one object and with ranger values in between. It would be soOo useful !

Yes, and that you could use normal grouping stuff on midi devices - knobs and buttons like mute/solo etc can be set to reverse from each other.
At least using two midi device buttons you could switch the other opposite.

Haven’t dived into midi devices full yet, but one type of control could be multi kind, controlling a couple of destination parameters and with range settings as you suggest.

Ah ! If Steinberg would read and do all users ideas, Cubase would be the best and only one on the market ! But they add features nobody cares, don’t improve good ones and even leave bugs for years ! Like the track loop (or I don’t remember its name) : the loopable part in midi editor that don’t work with more than 3 bars or whith several traks in the midi editor, this feature never worked correctly ! :unamused: