MIDI device panel & external effects

Hi everyone, I’ve had 8 years away from Cubase and just upgraded everything to Pro 11 on an iMac. It’s a case of starting from scratch with everything and a lot of head scratching but I’m slowly getting there, can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten though :slight_smile:

I have a few external effects (Eventide H3000, Lexicon PCM80) that I want to keep. When I initially set them up as inserts, clicking on the effect brought up the panel to measure delay, send gain and return gain. All working OK. I made the MIDI connections and added device panels for them to easily change the patches on the effects but now I’ve noticed that I no longer get the measure delay/send gain/return gain pop up if I click on the effect - just the device panel instead.

I can see I can access this in Studio>Audio Connections>External FX but is there some way to still get the measure delay/send gain/return gain window to come up if a device panel is applied to an external effect?