Midi Device Panels Bug in 553

I found a bug in 553 with the panel edit window. It simply crashes when I try to edit a panel in 553. It isn’t a fatal crash as I can close down normally. Works fine in 5.0 though.

So far I’ve managed simple panels for the MS2000-and TritonLe…and a rather more involved panel for the Nordlead2
Getting the Arp on/off button working on the Triton was a minor nightmare/but a huge victory.

Just wondering if Steinberg plans to keep this functionality in future updates or is this something that might go byebye? Don’t want to spend too much more time on these if they aren’t going to be around.

It is really nice to be able to tweak the sounds without leaving the sweet spot.
My externals are getting much more use all because of midi device panels. Cool…