MIDI Device Panels

Using Cubase 4 and want to make a midi device panel which would allow me to change Reverb Types for the (hardware) Sound Canvas SC-88Pro. Seems pretty complex especially with the Roland Checksum. Is there a user group (or subgroup) where Cubase midi device panels can be downloaded?

Maybe so, not up on it myself.

You need to know what you want. So you want to change reverb type, you have to look in the documentation for the SC88 and see what you need to send it to make that happen.

You might be able to embed that midi event in your track easier than figuring out a panel, but seems like if you know what you want it should be doable to make a panel.

Have you searched for it. Like I always search for scripts when I get a new piece of hardware.

Eureka. I was actually successful in figuring it out on my own. When I checked the Test Template box and moved the fader up and down I could see the correct changes on the Sound Canvas screen.

Unfortunately when I move my fader in the main program, nothing happens. Almost like I needed to somehow say, “Yes I want to activate this panel NOW.” But I can find no such option.

What have I left undone? I’m so close…

The MIDI Device Panel (to switch between the 8 types of reverb on the Sound Canvas SC-88Pro) is finally working as designed. Can’t say exactly why it didn’t work right away, but the MIDI track I had chosen to run the checks was bad in some way. The other tracks worked fine right away, but they weren’t the tracks I had chosen for initial testing. I couldn’t fix the bad track, so I made a new MIDI track and moved the part (the notes) to the new track. That was the final fix needed. The Roland checksum made things slightly confusing at first (couldn’t decide the number of bytes to try) so tried this and that and stumbled in to the correct homemade SYSEX message. The needed SYSEX message (change reverb type) was presented correctly in the user manual, but of course the manual couldn’t have known I was trying to automate that in Cubase. It’s good to know I now have increased powers and better understanding of MIDI commands, very useful! Now I will watch the discussions and see if someone else needs an assist on MIDI Device Panels.

You are the new expert!

I spent a lot of time on logical editor and generic remote but haven’t needed them lately.

Lot of powerful tools!

You are very kind!