MIDI device pop-up suddenly appearing


for some reason, when i load a specific project into cubase, a small pop-up showing channel assignments for one of my synths appears. it looks like this -

this happens every time i load the project, and appears before any of the other windows [track view, mixer, etc.]. i think i must’ve changed some setting somewhere, but damned if i can find it. it happens only on one project. anyone have an idea what i could’ve done to make this happen, and how i can make it stop ?


edit - uploaded new image


I’m sorry, but the screenshot is not visible here. Could you try to send it different way, please?

ohhhh… sorry about that. :blush:
it displayed correctly after i posted it at first, but i think something must have changed with my photobucket. don’t know what that ‘p500’ thing was, but i’ve uploaded it to a different server. please try now.
thanks martin !


This window appears when you load a project with a MIDI track, which is routed to the MIDI Device you created in the Devices > MIDI Device Manager.

ah, i see. is there any way to suppress it ?