Midi Device question

When you create a new midi device you are presented with a dialog (image attached).
My question is - how can you get back to that dialog if you want to change something?

The only way I have found so far is deleting the old device and setting it up again. :open_mouth:

Would really appreciate some input here.

Unfortunately there is NO WAY to change these settings later in the process. The midi devices are a great idea, but the implementation sucks. Just an example: you cannot use note on note off values to control a midi device, the editor does not allow it. …

The midi devices - I followed its evolution quite closely - was an idea- a feature implemented (as I assumed by a 12 year old junior-programmer…;o)… and since it was not in use NOT developed further - instead of that they provided a dedicated documentation how to handle the rubish-editor.

Sorry to have no better news for you.

HTH, Ernst


It is disappointing on so many levels that a company like Steinberg, who more or less pioneered midi, would have such a poor implementation of external instruments in 2020.
Taken together with the fact that i/o and support of external FX is quite lacking as well I am beginning to believe I may have to consider moving away from Cubase for a more hardware friendly daw.