Midi device & shortcut


I don’t find the way to achieve this :

I use an external mixer. I can control it via mici cc and I build a midi device in cubase for that purpose. But I prefer so much to work with shortcuts than clicking with the mouse everywhere. I’d like to assign keyboard shortcut to my midi device.

For example : a shortcut to solo or mute a channel of my external mixer, instead of clicking with my mouse on the midi device… Is that possible ? :question:

Many thanks !


In theory, it’s possible, if your mixer can by controlled via MIDI messages.

Sure my mixer is controled by midi ! I control it via cubase midi device already. I just miss how to assign keyboard shortcut !

So, what is this theory ?? :astonished:

Oh, I see, now I got, what you mean.

You want to press a key on your computer keyboard, which sends the MIDI data to your HW Mixer. This is not possible in Cubase.

I could make an external patch for this, but this should be always in focus (application on top), when you want to control it, not Cubase.

Theoretically, if you press mute on your keyboard, and it mutes the channel in cubase, this should also mute the channel on the mixer… (If your mixer has proper bi-directional comunication capabilities)

What mixer do u have anyway?

Yes, but not in the MIDI Device Panel (if I understand correct, there is dedicated Device created).

–> ggc : This would be possible with an external mixer that respond to cubase automation, I think. Mine only respond to midi CC.

So build a little cubase ‘midi device’ (you can see what it is exactly in the dedicated manual in cubase help menu) to control few thing in my external mixer via midi. Like mute / solo some channel. It’s very useful but I’d like to send those midi CC to the external mixer without the mouse but with some keyboard shortcuts. And it seems it’s not possible.

My external mixer is from Scope : http://sonic-core.net/joomla.soniccore/index.php?lang=us The from far best dsp platform ever.


Can you tell me how you are using scope? (If you want to and have a few minutes :wink: )
-Scope-> cubase or cubase-> scope?.. Describe your signal path if you would be so kind;)
-what do u like about it…
-is this ex-creamware?

Thx for any answers… (Not needed and we can let this post die, but if u have a few secs… Hey, why not enlighten me some;) )

Greets n all the best :slight_smile:

Yes… Ex-Creamware but with 30 times more powerful hardware : Xite-1. There is no other dsp platform as powerful as that one, from so far ! I seldom reach its limit.

It’s a bit like this : cubase->Scope via 32 stereo asio ▬ Scope->cubase to record final mix. And everything is midi controlable in Scope. You can see a pic of one project I did here :
http://www.bcmodular.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=259&p=1562#p1562 You’ll need to go a bit down, it’s the big picture and you’ll need also to drag to the right if you want to see all. The entire pic is here : http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/712477Bigproject.jpg (too big for here !)
Corresponding to that track : Spicy Hot Chili If you like spicy food, only. :mrgreen:

So… No way to assign keyboard shortcut to cubase midi device ? It’s a pity !

A little touch of insanity, eh? Nice:p
-> sounds like zen lemonade and posford had some “magic chilis” btw…:stuck_out_tongue:

-> request your shortcuts in the request section… You never know…

Take care:)

P.s. Everything is possible… Somehow…:wink: