MIDI Device Sysex Problem any idea?

i would like to create a devicemap for an external midi-unit
which contains 120 buttons (on/off) each controlled by a sysex command
(15 buttons in 4 groups = sysex of 4 buttons are very similar)

for example
F0 31 0A 02 00 F7 on Button Q Gr1 off F0 31 4A 02 00 F7
F0 31 0B 02 00 F7 on Button X Gr2 off F0 31 4B 02 00 F7
F0 31 0C 02 00 F7 on Button Y Gr3 off F0 31 4C 02 00 F7
F0 31 0D 02 00 F7 on Button Z Gr4 off F0 31 4D 02 00 F7

the real buttons react propperly and i can record every change of the buttons with the WriteModus
BUT all four of the the virtual buttons in the cubase window change thier state if only one (controldata) should
maybe because a virtual button does not only recognize two (0A/4A) states for on/off
but the whole valuerange from 00-7F?
it is like making music without knowing which keys are sounding

as i am totaly new to the devicemap creation tool of cubase 8.5
maybe i didnt see the easy solution
but i would be very grateful for every help or suggestion

thanks a lot oliver

p.s. please excuse my awful english - im not used to write since school which is long ago