I’ve done my own midi device of my synth and I tried to locate them in this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Scripts\patchnames\inactive\yamaha

But when i open Cubase MIDI DEVICE MANAGER to install a new device I can’t see them!

Where must I leave this files?


Have you used the option in Devices menu>MIDI Device Manager>“Import Setup”?


The midi device is under a *.txt file and it’s not on a *.xml file. How could I change it to xml?


(can someone else please chip in here?.. not really my domain :blush: :slight_smile: ). But suffice to say that there is much more involved than simply renaming the file (probably editing an existing xml with the text details).

Hi Jah!,

first close Cubase.

On my Mac, I put the text-file to:
User/Library/Preferences/Cubase6/Scripts/Patchnames. (Just in the folder “Patchnames”)

Then, start Cubase and go to Devices menu. Select Midi Device Manager. Click on Install Devices and select your text-file.
In the same window, you can select the midi output for the device.


Peter is right (I had completely forgotten about that! :blush: :slight_smile: )… no need to convert to xml.
Btw, on PC, that folder is inside “\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<Cubase 6\”.

I have my XML files for device maps here:
D:\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Device Maps
and my OS drive is C:\ as usual btw.

Search all your disks for the name of your device, or at least the disks the file CAN be on.
Or search for “Device Maps”

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I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m locating the file where you said (PC) and anything happens!!! :question: :confused: :question:

On Windows, go to Start > All Programs > Steinberg Cubase 6 > Cubase Application Data Folder.
An Explorer windows opens, click into Scripts > Patchnames and place your script there.

Hi Jah!

give us more details on what is working and what doesn’t work.

What synth you are talking about?

You can try another patchscript.
Maybe you find one for your synth via this link:


Well, that’s just the default location for the Device Map XML files. You can have them anywhere you like. From inside the Device Panel Tool you use the Import button and from there navigate to your XML file and open it. Then you need to open the panel as well of course, but that you knew.

BTW what do you mean with:

I’ve done my own midi device of my synth and I tried to locate them in this path:

How did you do that?

Are you sure you’re talking of MIDI Devises and not a patch script file?

Hi to everybody!

First, thanks to everybody for the helping you’re giving me! :wink:

I’ll try to explain my problem again because it’s probably I haven’t explain myself right!

The synths that I have and what I’m trying to open the midi device on cubase are:

-Yamaha CS6X
-Roland JV CS6x
-Korg Triton Rack

In my case it’s not fully valid the original/basic midi device because in Roland and Korg I have installed the eight expansion boards and I have added this expansions to the basic midi device. This midi device is under a *.txt file that I beguin it so…

[cubase parse file]

[parser version 0001]
[creators first name] Yamaha
[creators last name] Yamaha

[device manufacturer] Yamaha
[device name] Yamaha CS6X
[script name] Yamaha CS6X
[script version] 1.00

[define patchnames]

[mode] VOICES

[g1] Piano
[p2, 0, 63, 0] Grand
[p2, 1, 63, 0] Ivories
[p2, 2, 63, 0] For Ballad
[p2, 3, 63, 0] BasicRoadz
[p2, 4, 63, 0] DF Roadz
[p2, 5, 63, 0] RT Roadz
[p2, 6, 63, 0] SunShine
[p2, 7, 63, 0] Club Daz
[p2, 8, 63, 0] Fusion
[p2, 9, 63, 0] CP2000
[p2, 10, 63, 0] DXAtacky
[p2, 11, 63, 0] Dark DX
[p2, 12, 63, 0] Wurli
[p2, 13, 63, 0] Clavint
[p2, 14, 63, 0] Clav Wah
[p2, 0, 63, 1] BrightGrand
[p2, 1, 63, 1] Slamming
[p2, 2, 63, 1] Danzze
[p2, 3, 63, 1] House
[p2, 4, 63, 1] M25
[p2, 5, 63, 1] AcidFly
[p2, 6, 63, 1] Garage Rds
[p2, 7, 63, 1] Road Case
[p2, 8, 63, 1] Amp Wurli
[g1] Chromatic Percussion
[p2, 109, 63, 0] Glocken
[p2, 110, 63, 0] Marinba
… and so!

In older versions of Cubase when I locate them on this path:

C:\Users\JAH!\Datos de programa\Steinberg\Cubase\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\mididevice.txt

I found them in the midi device tool!

And now it doesn’t happen! I copy and paste the file on this location and anything happens… I’ve tried it before “Inactive” and anything happens too! I’ve tried it on every similar location and I see there is the file but anything!!!

Many of you are talking about a *.xml file… how could I export my txt file to xml? building a new midi device from zero in the midi device tool in Cubase would be something “crazy” and endless!!!

I don’t know if I forgot something to say, but if it’s tell, please ask me! I’m going crazy with something that before was an easy thing!!!

Thanks again!

What you have is called a patch script. With patch scripts, you can install a “MIDI Device” using the “MIDI Device Manager”. You can then select sounds in the external synths from the Track Inspector of a MIDI track by name, instead of having to enter numbers.

On Windows, go to Start > All Programs > Steinberg Cubase 6 > Cubase Application Data Folder.
An Explorer windows opens, click into Scripts > Patchnames and place your script there.

It doesn’t matter what level the script is at any more. I put mine in “inactive\Other” and Cubase still finds it.

I have found the answer to this question… albeit about 3 years too late for the original poster! I came across the answer because I was having the exact same problem.

For some reason, my version of Cubase seems to have installed duplicate versions of the patch scripts (and other things, like the .dll files that are used for VSTs). This may relate to me having uninstalled and reinstalled at some point. The two versions are in different locations on my C: Drive. One is immediately visible (the one the OP was using) and is not used by Cubase (or not the installation I’m currently using), and the other is in hidden folders.

So the solution is to make sure hidden folders are showing, and look through your drive for the correct version of the ‘patchname’ folder. You can also find it by doing a search for the folder, or if that doesn’t work, try looking for novation drumstation rack (which is one of the presets that is likely to be already in there) and when you find it, click on properties and view the file path.

When you’ve found the correct folder, simply drop the text file into patchnames/inactive/other. Then you open the device manager, and go to ‘install device’ and your synth will be listed.

Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else is about to waste 3 hours of their time trying to figure this out. And also to thank all those above whose answers led me to the solution!