Midi devices - SE3

Is it possible to create a midi device for a VSTi?

It seems my only options are to create one for an external midi output - like a rackmount general midi unit. It seems to me it would be nice to be able to load in a device for, lets say, Atmosphere and be able to change the patches from the inspectors pull down menu.

Perhaps I need to create a midi output to atmosphere first? I’m sort of guessing out loud.

You could try using an Instrument Track, which will let you change at least your own patches in the Inspector. Some instruments let you setup a “bank” of patches that can be selected from (in the Inspector).

VST instruments generally have their own proprietary patch/program/sound management, which works for their factory sounds as well as your own. The Cubase built-in Program system works for your own patches, and in some of the commercial plugins, often by utilizing a current “bank” or selection of patches.

That doesn’t seem to help. I loaded Atmosphere and then clicked on the programs in the inspector. Only a non-editable list comes up and that’s about it.

I can’t seem to get it to work. I would think that this would be easily doable in a DAW. If an external sound module can do it then why can’t an internal. I realize many have their own setups, but it seems we should be able to edit one from scratch just as we can external modules.

I think the only difference is that when creating a Midi device, it ONLY lets you pick an external source. If it had an internal midi source, such as a VSTi, then we could create a custom one.

I should mention this probably to support or suggestions.

Maybe I’m the only one who cares about this :slight_smile:

Save a program in Atmosphere using the Cubase preset save, NOT the program management included in Atmosphere. Then try the Program drop down in the Inspector and you should see the saved program. As I stated, you cannot selected programs from the plugin’s internal programs unless it has been made compatible.

Depends on the protocol of the plugin as to whether or not it will accept midi messages other than note on, note off.
This protocol changes from brand to brand. To find out what Atmosphere is capable of receiving, contact your plugin manufacturer.

I’ll give that a go. But lets say I do that, is there an XML file I can copy from my desktop to my laptop so I don’t have to do it there?

It would be nice to not have to go back and forth on the plug-in but be able to see the patches right there in the inspector. And setting it up on both seems very tedious.

I can’t seem to find any place where I can save a preset in cubase for the VST instrument. If you mean in the inspector, it doesn’t allow me to do anything. I can’t edit, I can’t load nor can I save.

My initial thoughts were that if in the midi device manager an output to a VST could be established then what I want could be done. But as I stated, at least in version SE3, the only output that can be assigned is an external midi output. Therefore applying this to atmosphere is a no go.


There used to be a downloadable app on the FTP site that let you create your own device map, might still be there. Also, on the old site, there’s a thread where people posted the maps they made for different kit. It may already be done.

Gump would I find it in legacy?

It’s in the old forum, cubase.net. There’s a thread which contained links to the different device maps users made. There are seperate ones for pre- Cubase 4 and then 4 and after . The app was on the ftp site, haven’t looked for a long time. I have it on CD somewhere, but finding it is another matter.

Gump, I just purchased 6.5 artist. I’m now leaving SE3 behind. If you don’t me asking, will this thread also pertain to 6.5?

I’m so far LOVING 6.5. KICKS BUTT! Even the synths are quite nice.