MIDI difficulty with Cubase

I just purchased a Yamaha MOXF6 which came with a Cubase license, which made me even more excited about my instrument. I’ve been recording using a Yamaha portable grand with MIDI capabilities and Reason, and I’ve worked very well like that.

Now, upon installing everything that has to be installed, I’m having a lot of trouble with Cubase.

For one, there is no sound output whatsoever. I’ve gone to Device Config and chosen my VST output, nothing no matter what I choose. It’s been very stressful trying to figure it out. Everything works perfectly with listening to music from iTunes or Spotify, and using Reason, or watching Netflix and Youtube. It’s only Cubase having the problem.

Now, the second thing is that my MOXF6 keyboard basically only sends instructions to the computer instead of sounds. What I mean by that is if I play the note G below central C, a pop-up screen comes up. If I play F, another pop-up. These will pop-up or disappear if I play the same note again. So in that sense my keyboard is working as a shortcut keyboard to manage Cubase, and I have no idea how to turn that off.

Any ideas on what to do with both issues? Here’s my setup.

iMac with macOS Sierra, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8 GB RAM.
My sound output is the Propellerhead Balance interface connected via USB to my iMac. It has an output to two Focal monitors and also headphones. I don’t think this is the issue because even if I deactivate Balance and want to use the iMac’s default speakers, still no sound.
My keyboard as I mentioned is a Yamaha MOXF6.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi and welcome,

Regarding your Audio output: Where are your speakers/monitors/headphones connected to? What Audio Device do you want to use as an Output? Do you want to use MOXF6? Did you install Yamaha/Steinberg USB Driver? Does it appear in your VST Audio System?

It looks, your MOXF6 behaves as some Remote Controller. Open Devices > Device Setup, on the left side, look at the Remote Device Folder. What devices are inside? Do you have Mackie Controller here? Make sure the MIDI Input of all Devices here is set to Not Connected, please.

Thank you Martin, I selected “Not Connected” in the MIDI Input section and it stopped working as a shortcut keyboard, thank you!

Still, here’s my setup:

Propellerhead Balance interface is connected to my iMac via USB; two Focal CMS40 monitors are connected to Balance. Audio output on my iMac is setup to Balance. Youtube, Netflix, iTunes, all work great. Propellerhead Reason works well too, but Cubase doesn’t produce sound.

The Steinberg Driver is installed and supposed to be working. It does appear in my VST Audio System. Balance is selected as the audio output. Nothing happens if I select the MOXF6.


What Cubase version exactly do you have? Cubase AI 7 or higher? I would recommend you to update to Cubase AI 9. The Audio Device is using Class Compliant Driver. This kind of driver is not compatible with the current macOS version with Cubase.