Midi disolve part grey out


i am very new at this. i wanna fade in and out on midi track.
so i saw a topic about disolve part… so i try it but in midi/disolve part… that doenst work.
its grey out. how can i unluck that part.

does somebody know how to fix it. i have cubase 13 le.

greets dave

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Dissolve Part has nothing to do with fade in/out. By this, you can dissolve MIDI Parts by the Channel (when you import SMF0 and you want to get track by channel) or by the Pitch (when you are writing drums and you want to get single drum sound per track).

You can do the Fade In/Out by using MIDI CC11. Or if you are using virtual instruments, you can use the Volume Automation.