midi displayed live

Hi, please tell me, when recording and playing on the midi keyboard in the editor, the notes are not displayed live.
Notes are displayed after recording is stopped. How to fix it?

If the editor is focused Zone that’s how it works, if not, you get what you’re seeing.

Thanks for the answer, but it’s not entirely clear, is it possible in a little more detail which zone is focused on?

The Key Editor.

Notes appear only after recording is stopped.


Hi Arlidar:)

I am guessing, but pretty sure this is what your after :slight_smile:

  1. Instrument track, draw a midi clip,colour it .Click on the instrument track to bring up the key editor

2 ) In the key editor (where the piano roll lives) click on the “Record in Editor button to ON” ] ,top left hand corner.

  1. And the record button on the transport bar,to ON. Then you good to go, You will see your notes appear as you play live,as your recording :slight_smile: remember to quantize to taste or set auto quantize :smiley:

I have attached a screenshot of what to do.

Hope this helps

Hi Ambientdave, thank you so much for such a detailed and understandable answer, if everyone tried to answer so would be great. Now it works as it should. Thank.

Glad to help,
I had this problem,got me at first when I started using Cubase,last June :slight_smile:

Oh,I forgot to add :slight_smile: If you have a second screen to work with,you can pop out the key editor,by clicking on the white arrow that points towards the right corner
Gives you a lot more room to work.Works with the other editors too :slight_smile: