midi drag and drop import

When you drag and drop a midi file into a previously created midi track, is there a way to prevent Cubase from creating a new blank midi track?

In Prefs, uncheck all options under MIDI File-Import.

Is there also a way to have Cubase import the tempo in the midi file? Reason does it…


Hi, I have the same problem.
I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 on n instrument track and, since I uploaded Cubase 6.02 to .03, when I drag and drop a Superior groove Cubase creates a new track, not allowing me to put the groove into the instrument track dedicated to the drums.
I tryed to uncheck all the preferences in Midi import but I have to choose the destination among Halion Sonic SE multi-timbric, MIDI track and Instrument track. Any choice I make is the wrong one because I can’t solved the problem.
Any suggestion?