Midi drag and drop

Can i drag and drop midi into play mode?
I Read it was possible… I tried into dorico 4 it seems it doesn t work…

So how can I insert a midi file into a specif Point of My score?

Any way to do that?

Yes, it does indeed work in Dorico 4, provided you’re using Dorico 4.2 or later. Make sure you’re running the latest Dorico 4 update (version 4.3.11 at the time of writing).

Ah ok
And if I want to select a regionof midi notes in play mode, can I export only this notes? And so import in a daw.?

No, at the moment there’s no way to do the reverse and only drag and drop a selection of notes into your sequencer, but this is something we would like to implement in future.

Ok, it would be great…
Thank you