MIDI Drag & Drop and VST Inst strangeness

I have done a thorough search of the board but the only topics that seem to relate are in German which I unfortunately do not speak (or read). In brief): [1] Drag and Drop MIDI onto Project window can’t be done to an existing track, and [2] Drag and Drop MIDI creates 2 new extra tracks including blank midi track and an unwanted instrument.

Steps to recreate both problems:

  1. Add a Rack Instrument, in this case Stylus RMX (or Omnisphere, or Kontakt instrument with drag and drop MIDI capabilities)
  2. Use the Drag and Drop MIDI function in the chosen instrument onto the Project Window


  1. Dragging a MIDI file from Kontakt Drummer or Stylus RMX onto the project window results in not one but three tracks being created - two MIDI tracks of which only 1 has MIDI data (the other is blank), and strangely - a new (and unwanted) VST Instrument is created in the Instrument Rack and the Project Window. What am I missing to make this action result in a single MIDI track please? :blush:

  2. I have not been able to find any way to drag and drop MIDI data onto an existing track (like you can with every other DAW on the planet so I am sure you can in Nuendo as well, I just $#%%@ can’t find HOW to.). :blush:

Many thanks. :mrgreen:

Check Preferences -> MIDI -> MIDI File.

The two key ones here are: Destination (MIDI Tracks) and Auto Dissolve Format 0 (Unchecked).

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