Midi drones..how many in Cubase 13 to install

How many midi drones can I set up in Cubase 13 for my composer
There are several VSTi to use.
From the looks of it, I can now connect 16 midi channels and thus 16 midi drones in Cubase.
I would like to connect 128 instruments in Cubase as drone instruments…is that possible?

In Cubase Pro, there are no limitations on number of MIDI Tracks or VST Instrument tracks.

Thanks, I just now understood that a midi drone stands for a midi port with16 midi channels.
A 2nd midi drone represents a 2nd midi port with 16 midi channels again.
VEPro server software has 48 midi ports to its disposal, so with the midi drones I can make a good template

I would stick to calling them MIDI Ports. Idk where you got “drones” from.


The midi drone(s) are provided through the composer software.
In Cubase 13 the midi drones can be created ( are installed in it ) with the midi channels I have seen.
Each midi drone represents a midi port.
The composer software uses the vst instruments installed in Cubase, so the composer itself has no VSt instruments.
Why the name Drone was chosen is not clear to me

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