Midi drops out then back on restart

On my HP Win 7 laptop, using Cubase it seems a bit mysterious how the midi signal will disappear then come back
on restart and reopen up the Cubase program.

A Williams digital piano w/local off and going midi out the Halion piano sometimes plays but then other times
not till I close out then reopen the program.

But there are other components I am not sure what their part is in the mystery.

The MidiSport UNO 1 x1 interface seems to intermit at times and I have had
to repair the driver however not sure that helped or only the Cubase restart to
get a midi signal again.

However, when it’s working it does not last until I am done before the midi is gone again.

Then I hate to ask why when it’s working why some repetitive notes seem to disappear as to not play
at the same velocity I record them at. Almost like a polyphony issue but it’s only 1 piano sound in my test with nothing else playing. Sounds like dropped out 16th notes ‘here & there’ though
I played them all staccato and at even volume. tempo timing was fine.

Thanks for any help.