Midi Drum Heard on Key Release

Hey All

Can anyone solve this mystery, as I have tried…

With Cubase Artist, I am adding a few drum hits with my kybd to create a drum fill on my track. I am using Kontact Urban Beats as the sampler.

When I hit a key to play or record a drum hit I hear it only after I release the key, not when I hit it. This delay is not normal and throws off my timing.

Should I look at Cubase or my Kontact plugin to set the midi note trigger right? Where do start looking?


Something seems wrong with your keyboard : any setting in it that could be involved ? What keyboard is it, by the way ?

Beside this, I think that the Artist version has both the MIDI Monitor plug-in )that can be used as a MIDI insert to view the MIDI messages received on the MIDI/Instrument track involved) and the List Editor that is perfect to see what MIDI messages have actually been recorded. Worth a check, at least, as diagnosis tools…

Thanks, these are good ideas. But no quick fix. I shall look under the hood.
Now my Quick Controls are not working. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I hate this MIDI mapping stuff, for years it’s been a convoluted buggy time killer. I just want to make music.