MIDI Drum Issue - Note changes for each hit on same pad.

Hi there,

I have just bought the Band Hero (PS3) Drum kit, it has MIDI IN/OUT.

I connect it to my Windows 7 Professional 64bit using a MIDI-USB cable.

I connect the drums through Cubase 5 using Addictive Drums.

Now for my problem:

I can see that each time I hit a pad, the MIDI monitor recognizes the hit.

When I hit the same pad multiple times I get different sounds (snare, bass, no sound, snare, no sound, no sound, crash and so on) and it seems random (no determinable pattern)

So I use a program called MIDI-OX http://www.midiox.com/ to monitor the MIDI IN and this is what I get when I hit the yellow cymbal 10 times: SEE ATTACHMENT!

I assume that when I hit the same pad multiple times the monitor should output the same note.

I have no idea where to go from here… Any help would be much appreciated… If I need to provide additional details please ask :slight_smile:



Looks like you have some kind of Chorder plug on the MIDI track given the notes or transposition. If it were a setting on the device like pad/note selection it would be chromatic.

Try it in a blank project with just one MIDI track. A screenshot of the Key Editor might help.

Cheers for the fast reply :slight_smile:

Firstly, I have tried with a new, empty project. Added 1 midi track. Still the same problem.

Secondly, is the “key editor” the same as the “drum editor”?



No, it’s the one that looks like a piano roll. Show both.

Well I can only show 1 or the other, if I set the drum map to GM Map I get a “Drum Editor” if it is set to No Drum Map I get a “Key Editor”

This is what I get when I play a hit on each bar for 16bars of the yellow cymbal:


Clearly notes with no sounds are being played, hence the no sound hits, and clearly the note changes for each hit but it doesn’t follow any pattern! Notice the double hits aswell!

I assume all the “hits” should appear on the same line if I’m playing 1 pad continuously?


editor shot.jpg

You can open any editor you want, anytime you want. :confused:

Most of the Info Line in your screenshot is hidden so it’s junk for troubleshooting, need to see the whole thing.

Look into transposing in the editors and/or arpeggio. Look to the manual for the device and see what’s up re: assigning notes to pads.

Firstly, I don’t know how to open both!

Second, I cant fit it all in 1 print screen.

Third, There is no manual for setting up the MIDI side of the drum kit, its originally for PS3 so only has stuff to do with the game in box!

Whats the info line that’s missing?



I’m a teach a man to fish kinda guy. You don’t have to open both at once, manual says better than me how to open different editors. You may have to show each editor with two screenshots, scrolling to show the missing part. If I knew what was missing, I wouldn’t ask to see it.

Here goes…

First Attachment = Key Editor
Second Attachment = Drum Editor

Hopefully this helps you :slight_smile:

Regards TH