MIDI Drum Loops (Data)

Hoping someone can answer a question for me or give me guidance. Sorry a newbie to DAW.

I’m not a very good drum programmer and don’t like using sample loops as I find them restrictive.

My question is can somewhere direct me as to where I could find MIDI drum loops that I could import into Cubase and then assign the notes to drum kits from my external sound modules.
My preference is to use only hardware modules so VSTs are out of the question (i.e. Groove Agent etc unless this is required to do what I’m looking to to).

This should be pretty easy as I am really just importing MIDI data into the DAW and then reassigning the playback to another instrument. I’m just not really sure what’s out there and decent.

It’s not an issue that the MIDI loops be free as I would rather pay to get quality programming and useability.

It would also be nice if I had the option of importing the drum track as a single file (track) or multiple files although I can split it up after in Cubase to have it output to multiple external synths.

I’m mostly into ethereal, trance and generally “trippy” music if this helps in pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks again for all your help.


Try to use google: MIDI Drum Loops.