Midi drum maps output different when opening a project created in 10.5

I am beyond frustrated with the current state of Steinbergs tech support both phone and chat. I just upgraded to Cubase 11 and am experiencing issues that I need help with so I decided to call in to ask about it. After spending over an hour on hold an automated message played stating that my call could not be connected and hung up on me. I can understand the longer wait times due to COVID and all but dropping my call after having called in well before the end time of your already reduced phone hours?? That is unacceptable. I would expect all calls made before the phone closing time to be answered and not just dropped. Chat support isn’t much better also with long wait times and with recent past issues, the chat tech has requested that I call in to receive further assistance. I feel the current horrible state of Steinberg tech support need to be corrected, especially with a new version release having just came out. /endrant

Well that sucks, for sure. But now that you are here, and welcome to you. Maybe you could describe the problem. It’s entirely possible someone will be able to help out.

Sure I can try here.

The issue is with midi drum maps. In cubase 11, when opening a project created in 10.5, the midi notes being played are triggering the wrong drum hits in my drum sampler (superior drummer).

Also, switching back to 10.5, my drum maps work fine.

This issue is the same across all projects with midi drums. So for instance, I have my snare routed to D1. In cubase 11, even though my drum map displays the midi notes on the correct note, in superior drummer it is triggering C#1 which is a snare side stick hit.

This is the same case for various other drum hits, some are triggering correctly, most are not. I use custom drum maps for superior but this issue still happens when using no drum map and playing through the piano roll. It’s like there’s some disconnect in the drum map and it’s relaying the wrong notes to superior drummer even though it’s displaying the correct notes and my midi notes are all in the correct places.